Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance

Advanced Irrigation, Inc. provides residential and commercial irrigation solutions for Southeastern North Carolina.  Our services include:

• Installation:  At Advanced Irrigation, Inc. we have more than 20 years experience installing residential and commercial sprinkler irrigation systems.  We design each system to meet the specific needs of the landscape.  We install most systems trenchless!  That means no unsightly digging or trenching, we install quickly with as little disturbance as possible to the existing landscape.

• Repair & Service:  Advanced Irrigation, Inc. provides expert repairs and service on all sprinkler systems.  From minor repairs and adjustments to electrical troubleshooting, wire and control valve locating, pump repair/replacement, additions/alterations to existing systems, or redesigning older systems.  Advanced Irrigation, Inc. will handle your needs professionally.

• Design:  As one of the only Certified Irrigation Contractors (CIC #3765) in the area, Advanced Irrigation, Inc. will evaluate site conditions to meet the needs of each individual project.  The most effective irrigation equipment and design methods are chosen for each project.

• Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing: Advanced Irrigation, Inc. is a Certified Backflow Assembly Tester (#0138). We will test your backflow prevention device and repair if necessary to maintain compliance.  Wilmington, North Carolina code requires cross connection control devices (backflow prevention assemblies) to be tested annually. A Certified Tester is required to test these assemblies and send a report to the local water purveyor.